New York’s No-Fault 30 Day Rule -Trap For The Unwary

When you are in a New York motor vehicle accident, your medical bills, hospital bills and lost wage claims are paid by the no-fault insurance company, which is your own insurance company, even if the other car was at fault for your accident. Any occupant of your vehicle that is injured in this New York car crash is also covered under this provision, and makes a claim through your insurance company.

You must be aware that in order to be eligible for No-Fault coverage, an application (known as an NF-2) must be submitted within 30 days of the accident for each person making a claim for No-Fault benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance companies involved often fail to notify the claimants of the 30 day rule, which jeopardizes your medical, hospital and wage benefits through No-Fault. That is why it is vital that if you are in a New York car accident, you should consult an attorney immediately.

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