New York Dog Bite Case–Protect Your Legal Rights

If you are bitten by a pit bull in a Bronx County dog bite incident, for example, here is a list of what you should and should not do:

Find out immediately from the dog owner if the animal has had its rabies shots so you are aware of the extent of this potential risk;
Try to locate and identify any witnesses to the dog bite, and if possible, obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of these witnesses;
Immediately report the incident to the local police precinct or division to have a report prepared;
Question the owner of the dog, assuming the owner will tell you this, as to whether the dog ever exhibited any “dangerous propensities” previously, including biting, jumping on people, or even aggressive barking–this is critical information in establishing fault against the dog’s owner;
Obtain from the owner the name, address and phone number of any homeowner or renter’s insurance company, and with this information, make an initial claim against that insurance company;
Get immediate treatment for your injuries, especially in cases of severe trauma and where it is unclear if the dog has been vaccinated against rabies;
If possible, try to obtain photographs of the dog by requesting that a family member or friend assist you in this effort;
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sign any release sent to you by an insurance representative who offers to pay your medical or hospital bills in exchange for your signed release, which prevents you from bringing a claim for your pain and suffering and emotional trauma;

Do not speak with the owner of the dog if he or she calls you after the bite, other than to obtain insurance information or more information about the dog’s history and vaccination records.

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