New York Drivers Score Lowest On Written Driving Test

In a national written driving test sponsored by GMAC Insurance, New York drivers scored lower than any other state in the nation this year, according to the company. New Jersey drivers scored the lowest last year. The test consists of 20 questions about driving rules that are uniform across the U.S. New York drivers averaged 70.5%, passing the test, but barely. Conversely, Idaho and Wisconsin drivers tied for first place with average scores of 80.6%.

However, a spokesman for the Department of Motor Vehicles, NYDMV noted that there are substantially fewer fatal car accidents in New York per capita than in Idaho or Wisconsin, where drivers scored the best on the written driving tests. The New York DMV suggests that drivers go to the DMV website for information on defensive driving classes which can reduce points on your license and lower insurance payments.

To try out the written test yourself, go to the GMAC test page. For the record, I took the test and got an 80%, meaning that I missed 4 questions out of the 20. I must say that I was surprised to learn that you are permitted to pass on the right (obviously, everybody does it but I did not know it was legal) when traveling on a multi-lane highway carrying two or more lanes of traffic in the same direction–just shows that you can always learn something new!

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