After NY Car Crash, Be Wary Of Insurance Company Calls

When you have been injured in a New York car crash, you will be contacted by two insurance companies–your own, and the carrier for the car that hit you. As will be described below, the simple rule is: cooperate with your insurance company, and hang up on the other driver’s representative. In New York, your medical, hospital, and miscellaneous bills and expenses are paid through your own No-Fault insurance coverage. Therefore, you must cooperate in every way with your own insurance company to ensure that your bills are paid, lost wages compensated, and other expenses such as property damage are paid for.

However, soon after the New York car accident, you will invariably hear from the other driver’s insurance representative. Under the guise of simply “wanting to know how you are doing”, this insurance representative will request that you provide a written or recorded statement regarding the accident, and what measures you took to avoid the accident. YOU MUST NOT COOPERATE. Remember that these insurance adjusters are trained to ask you leading, misleading or confusing questions with the goal of attributing some or all of the fault of the accident to you. Their hope is to obtain a damaging statement from you before you have had the opportunity to speak with a lawyer who would obviously advise you against providing the other driver’s insurance company with anything. Sometimes, these adjusters will attempt to visit you with a release and small settlement check in hand, to try to get a settlement before you have met with a lawyer. Bottom line–when the other company calls, tell them you are meeting with your attorney, and hang up the phone. Don’t say anything, don’t write anything, and whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.

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