New York Elevator Accidents–Six Things You Should Do Immediately

Many of our clients have suffered injuries in elevators, either by a free falling elevator, an elevator that mis-leveled, or being struck by an elevator door that closed too fast. In older apartment buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx, for example, the elevator doors are frequently manual, and have not been properly maintained. Especially for older clients, they can be struck by a door which comes back at them too fast, often with disastrous results.

If you are injured in an elevator accident, here are six critical things you need to do immediately:

1. Write down the number of the elevator and the any information about the manufacturer contained inside;
2. If there is inspection information posted inside the elevator, record this as well;
3. Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to your accident;
4. Take photographs from inside and outside the elevator, of the inspection certificate, elevator doors, numbers or other identifying information outside the elevator;
5. Report the accident to building management, and obtain a copy of the report before you leave the building if you are physically able to do so;

6. Try to obtain the name and address of the elevator maintenance company.

When you report the accident, you can expect that you will be contacted almost immediately by either a claims administrator or insurance representative seeking information about your accident and injuries. These representatives are trained in asking questions designed to place the fault of the accident on you–i.e. you were on a cell phone, late for a meeting, distracted by children, or simply not paying attention to your surroundings. Simply put, it is imperative that you retain an attorney immediately who will provide you will skilled and experienced legal representation and procure the maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost earnings.

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