New York City Car Crash Kills Woman Who Survived 9/11

Florence Cioffi, a woman who survived 9/11 and was just days from her 60th birthday, was killed in a New York City car accident on January 24 when she was run over by a vehicle driven by computer software executive George Anderson just before 11:00 PM on Water Street in Manhattan. Mr. Anderson kept driving, but returned to the scene a short time later, where he was observed by police officers to have bloodshot eyes, smell of alcohol, and have slurred speech. Mr. Anderson refused a police request to take a breathalyzer test. Police immediately administered a blood alcohol test; the results have not been announced yet.

As a result of the fatal car accident, Mr. Anderson has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and leaving the scene of an accident. Anderson was arraigned on January 25 in Manhattan Criminal Court and released on $250,000 bond.