The Three Most Common Errors Causing Teen Driver Accidents

In a study published in the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal, it was reported that teen drivers are involved in four times as many fatal car crashes as adult motorists. Researchers reviewed data regarding 800 accidents with teen drivers and determined the three most common errors which were responsible for almost half of all the serious crashes:

1. A lack of scanning to find hazards, which led to 21% of the accidents;
2. Driving too fast for the traffic conditions, resulting in 21% of the crashes; and

3. Distracted driving (with text messaging a substantial percentage), leading to 20% of the accidents.

Surprisingly, factors including poor weather, vehicle malfunction, aggressive driving and drowsy driving were not found to be significant factors in most of the car accidents which were analyzed. According to the authors of the study, scanning surroundings far in front of the car and from side to side is a higher level skill that more seasoned drivers develop over many years.

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