The Family of Junior Seau Sues The NFL

The family of the late former NFL player and star linebacker Junior Seau has sued the National Football League, along with helmet manufacturer Riddell and other defendants, joining a long line of plaintiffs who contend that the league misled them or covered up information about the serious dangers of repeated head trauma which led to cognitive issues and traumatic brain injuries. (tbi).

There are now approximately 4,000 cases involving former players and their families, who have argued that the NFL was aware for years that repeated head collisions caused short and long term neurological damage to the players, resulting in significant symptoms including loss of memory, depression, mood changes, fatigue, dizziness, and loss of judgment, among others effects. Essentially, when the players suffer these substantial head collisions, the brain is shaken against the walls of the skull, leading to rotational and linear stretching and tearing, bruising and bleeding. The long term effect of these repeated collisions is the development of a sticky substance in the brain tissue known as “tau”, which interferes with brain functions and is the primary factor in chronic traumatic encephalopathy, (CTE) the degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma. CTE is frequently seen in autopsies of the brain tissue of people that suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and now in autopsies of ex-NFL players, boxers and hockey players.

Seau, who was a star linebacker for three NFL teams including the Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots, was known during his 20 year career as a hardnosed, tough player who was involved frequent hard collisions and undoubtedly suffered numerous concussions during his playing days. In May of 2012, Seau committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest, a similar means of suicide to that of former player Dave Duerson, who purposely shot himself in the chest with a note to his family imploring them to conduct a posthumous study of his brain. In the cases of Duerson and Seau, as well as over 30 NFL and NHL players who have taken their own lives, autopsies have confirmed the diagnosis of CTE.

In announcing the lawsuit filed in state Court in San Diego, the Seau family stated that “We were saddened to learn that Junior, a loving father and teammate, suffered from CTE. We know the lawsuit will not bring back Junior. But it will send a message that the NFL needs for its former players, acknowledge its deceptions on the issues of heady injuries and player safety, and make the game safer for future generations.”

The NFL has requested that the courts move the 4,000 pending cases to federal Court in Philadelphia, where some cases have been consolidated into a class action. The league seeks a dismissal, contending that the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the players includes provisions for the players’ claims.

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