New York Construction Site Electrocutions

Many people associate construction site accidents with falls and defective machinery; however, electrocutions often result in the most deadly injuries. New York construction sites often expose workers to hazardous conditions, including live wires and faulty electrical equipment. Additionally, a significant number of construction projects require workers to manage devices that have electricity running through them. The most common electrocution accidents on construction sites involve contact with overhead power lines, contact with live wires, and electrical currents.

Although electrocution accidents can happen out of nowhere, the majority of these accidents involve negligence. The electric source may be a wire, metal, or machinery. The electric shock occurs when the conductor sends a volt to a part of a person’s body. These types of accidents disproportionately affect electricians, power company employees, and construction workers. Many construction electrocutions happen when a worker touches an object that comes in contact with a live wire. Even indirect contact like this can cause a person to suffer the effects of a deadly electrical volt. Those in charge of a construction site should make sure to insulate or turn off power sources that can cause electrocution. Electrocutions are often deadly because the whole body experiences the volt at once.

For example, a New York news report recently described injuries an ironworker suffered at the Mineola station’s construction site. Transportation authorities stated that contractors were constructing a pedestrian bridge when a crane touched a high voltage line. The contact created an arc of electricity that resulted in an iron worker’s electrocution. The woman was transported to a local hospital and remained in critical condition.

As the above case illustrates, the severity of the injury depends on the electrocution’s length and force. However, the shock to the nervous system can cause organ damage and traumatic brain injuries. Similarly, many electrocution victims suffer severe burns that may cause permanent disfigurement. These incidents require immediate medical care, and the failure to receive appropriate, prompt treatment may cause the person’s heart to stop.

Many entities may be responsible after an electrocution accident. The site manager, electrician, manufacturer, or another similar party may be liable for the victim’s injuries. However, the state’s complex and limiting workers’ compensation laws may impact the amount a victim can recover. Electrocution victims or their families should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies after a construction site accident.

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