Fatal Accident On New York Bronx River Parkway Results In Calls for Stricter Traffic Enforcement

The fatal car crash on New York’s Bronx River Parkway this past Wednesday has Westchester residents calling for stricter traffic enforcement. An elderly Yonkers couple, Ralph and Phyllis Cecere, were killed in the horrific car accident car crash when a Honda driven by 18 year old Justin Martinez collided with their Cadillac, which then burst into flames. According to the Journal News, a witness observed Martinez weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the shoulder of the roadway, and driving at an excessive rate of speed.

In response to numerous calls by Westchester County residents for increased traffic enforcement, the Westchester County Police Department has outlined the steps they are taking to curb aggressive driving, reckless driving, and reduce auto accidents. These steps include the following: aggressive driving details, in “low profile”, unmarked vehicles; spot speed enforcement checks; radar screens to inform drivers of their speed; and the placement of unmanned patrol cars, called “drones”, to cause drivers to slow down in the belief that the cars do have officers inside them.

A spokesperson for the Westchester County Police claims that automobile accidents on Westchester County owned roadways, including the Bronx River Parkway, Cross County Parkway, Saw Mill Parkway and Hutchinson Parkway are down 5% this year. However, a number of high profile New York car accidents, including the July 2007 fatal accident in which a 42 year old truck driver was killed when his tractor-trailer was struck from behind by an alleged speeding driver have led the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office to consider criminal charges in this week’s car accident as well as last July’s tragedy.