Dump Truck Construction Accidents in New York

Dump trucks are one of the most prevalent vehicles on construction sites. These large vehicles are cumbersome, and their unusual design and loose loads can pose serious dangers to anyone in their vicinity. New York dump truck accidents may involve onsite construction accidents or motor vehicle collisions on the road. Those who suffer injuries in an accident involving a dump truck may face serious and life-long debilitating consequences.

Construction site operators generally use dump trucks to transport heavy loads of sand, gravel, or demolition debris. Most of these vehicles have an open-box bed that uses hydraulic rams to lift the front of the bed to dump the load on the ground behind the truck. Dump truck loads can weigh more than 15 tons, which is significantly heavier than an average vehicle. As such, accidents involving these vehicles often result in catastrophic injuries. For example, recently, a national news report described a tragic dump truck accident. According to the report, the two individuals were hit by a dump truck and fell into a ditch. Unfortunately, rescue operations were futile, and the two people suffered fatal injuries.

There are many reasons that a New York dump truck accident can occur. Some reasons include, the truck’s design, driver error, driving while impaired, accidental unloading, defective truck parts, truck company error or negligence, and flyaway debris. However, the majority of accidents involve careless operation and dump truck instability.

Careless driving can occur in many situations, including when a driver is distracted, fatigued, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A dump truck’s inherent design coupled with a careless driver can lead to a serious accident. The truck’s unusual and unwieldy design may lead to problems with stopping effectively, material jams, defective suspension mechanisms, and uneven tire pressure. These conditions can cause a dump truck to roll over onto its side and crush the operator or another person in the area of the truck.

After a dump truck accident, victims should contact emergency responders and seek medical attention. This is necessary even if the injuries seem minor at first. Preserving evidence of the accident and documenting medical treatment may be used as critical evidence to substantiate an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. After seeking medical attention and contacting the police and site manager, victims or their loved ones should contact an attorney for representation.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New York Dump Truck Accident?

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