Despite Emptier Streets, New York Car Accident Fatalities Remain High

The pandemic brought many changes to the daily lives of Americans throughout the country. One of the significant changes was the decrease in the number of daily commuters. Despite lighter traffic, New York car accident fatalities soared. In 2020, over 240 individuals died in a New York City traffic accident. Historically, economic downfalls usually coincide with reduced traffic congestion and fewer fatal accidents. However, the pandemic seemed to have the opposite effect, and many individuals recklessly sped down empty highways in their cars and motorcycles. These actions resulted in a sharp increase in deadly New York city accidents. Data showed a 76% increase in fatality rates from the previous year. However, the pandemic did bring a decrease in fatalities involving pedestrians.

Many reasons may explain the increase in fatal accidents but tend to go back to the changes that coronavirus brought to city residents. With older adults locking down in place, younger drivers, who are more prone to speeding, took advantage of the emptier streets. Further, the increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as alcohol and drug-use combined with speeding, resulted in disastrous consequences. Traffic experts noted that some areas issued more speeding tickets during Covid than they ever have before.

Additionally, officials noted that fatalities involving motorcyclists hit the highest level in nearly 30 years. Further, over half of the incidents involved operators who did not have a motorcycle license. Data suggest that the rise may be attributed to the growing number of young men seeking an outlet from lockdown.

The Police Department of New York City recently released its motor vehicle collision report statistics for February 2021. Thus far, citywide, there have been a disturbing 6,864 motor vehicle collisions. These accidents involved over 13,000 motorists, 754 passengers, 135 cyclists, and 379 pedestrians. 1,244 motorists suffered injuries, and one was killed, 752 passengers suffered injuries, and two were killed. Over 100 cyclists and 372 pedestrians suffered injuries, and seven pedestrians were killed. An overwhelming majority of these accidents involved driver distraction or inattention. Other contributing factors included following too closely, failure to yield, passing too closely, unsafe speed, driver inexperience, backing unsafely, and impaired driving. The majority of these accidents involve passenger vehicles, SUVs, station wagons, large commercial vehicles, and taxis.

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