Civil Lawsuits After New York Building Collapse

The recent Miami building collapse illustrates the devastating consequences of shoddy construction and maintenance. While many building owners may claim that New York building collapses are unexpected, many structural engineers and safety experts disagree with those claims. Regardless of the foreseeability of a collapse, these incidents can cause catastrophic and deadly injuries to anyone in the vicinity of the structure. Those affected by a building collapse should seek representation from a New York construction site accident attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

In most situations, buildings will not collapse without cause or negligence; however, determining the exact cause of the collapse can be challenging. In many cases, the combining force of several defects and environmental factors may impact the severity of a collapse. The leading causes of building collapses can include:

  • Foundation defects
  • Faulty building materials
  • Unsafe building design
  • Water or fire damage
  • Breach of safety codes

These cases pose challenges even to those who have extensive training and skills related to building design and safety. For instance, structural engineers are still in the process of trying to determine the cause of the Miami collapse. The head engineer working for the city explained that the public should expect a long-term investigation to determine the potential causes of the collapse. Structural engineers explained that they are focusing on the lowest part of the building, explaining that a single defect or failure could have set off the chain of events that resulted in the progressive collapse.

Survivors of the crash told reporters that they awoke around 1:30 am after feeling the ground trembling, fire alarms blaring, and debris falling around them. The building contained 135 units spread throughout 13 stories. Surfside, Florida search and rescue crews confirmed that over 54 people were killed, and they are expecting to discover more fatalities.

With a tropical storm brewing, safety experts made the critical and difficult decision to demolish the remaining portion of the building. Family members awaiting news about their missing family members expressed distress thinking about the possibility that their family members were still alive and trapped inside the building. Additionally, while understanding the loss of human life is much more tragic than losing material items, the thought of losing all of their property and cherished family heirlooms presented additional anguish.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New York Building Collapse?

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