Accidents Arising From a Violation of New York Stop Work Order

Construction sites present inherent dangers to workers and those in the vicinity; however, construction managers and companies should take all necessary steps to reduce the likelihood of injuries related to that danger. New York buildings department, in conjunction with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provides various safety requirements and protocols for construction projects. Those who violate these mandates may be liable for injuries related to their negligence. In New York, there are three primary legal theories under which an injury victim may commence a lawsuit based on a building code violation. These theories include breach of contract, negligence, or professional malpractice claims.

Building code violations are some of the most dangerous conditions on a property. In some cases, these violations go unnoticed or concealed until an accident. However, in other situations, the relevant agency may issue a “stop-work order” because of an unsafe condition on the property. The most common violations involve:

  • Installation violations;
  • Unlicensed specialty workers;
  • Improper excavation or removal of hazardous material;
  • Maintenance oversight;
  • Health and sanitation violations; and
  • Improper Signage.

These failures and violations can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. For example, following a series of construction accidents, New York City implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy regarding construction violations. Following a three-month wide-ranging sweep, the buildings commissioner announced that inspectors visited over 7000 buildings and issued over 3500 violations. The sweep stems from a series of construction site accidents resulting in seven fatalities. The accidents occurred between January and May 2021. Following the sweep, City officials explained that they would continue to make unannounced visits to work sites. The agency explained that they are working with the City to create laws to increase oversight and accountability at construction projects.

After these types of accidents, there may be various liable parties. Generally, responsibility rests with construction managers, contractors, and property owners and landlords. However, some complex cases may involve the negligence of engineers, architects, inspectors, materials suppliers, and other similar entities. In some instances, more than one party may have contributed to the accident. An attorney can help injury victims, and their families identify liable parties and present a legally sound and compelling case to a judge or jury.

Have You Suffered Injuries on a New York Construction Site

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